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My aim is to offer private face-to-face tuition for primary school aged children, in the subjects of Maths and English. 

My aim is to help your child improve their literacy and numeracy skills and become more confident in these areas of the national curriculum.


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A little about myself
As you may have already figured out, my name is Amina Kara. I am a student with the Open University studying for my Open Degree in Psychology and Education. I am a volunteer at Lozells Primary School, where I've been working with children in Year 2 and recently with children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). I am also a volunteer school administrator at Birchfield Independent Girls School (my previous school!), where I help out the Examinations Officer as well as the admin staff. In the few weeks I've been there, the work has ranged from invigilation of GCSE exams, to getting the examination hall ready for exams, to the odd task here and there for the admin staff. 

Aside from my work/education I think I should mention a little about my hobbies and interests. I love sports, mainly football, tennis, F1, cricket and athletics. I am a big fan of Arsenal Football Club. I also love reading books (give me a good book and I'm happy!). Other than that I love shopping and although I don't do it much I love travelling. 

My reasons for doing this
​The reasons I started this is one, because I want to help make a difference to children, who for whatever reason are struggling in school. This may be due to the teacher working at too fast a pace for some children to keep up, disruptive behaviour within a classroom or a child having learning difficulties. Whatever the reasons, I want to help children achieve their goals, no matter how hard or difficult they may seem. I believe that with the right amount of motivation and dedication a child can achieve anything! 

My second reason for doing this is my belief that education is one of the most important aspect of a person's life, starting from when they are very young. If a child has a love and enthusiasm for education from a young age, then it will stand them in good stead in the future. As someone who has a love and enthusiasm for education, I hope to share this with all the children I work with by making learning fun and exciting.